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Office Dilapidation


Dilapidation’s required during or at the end of your tenancy or lease?

Dilapidation's represent 'exit costs' for a tenant at the end of their lease. These costs are usually attributed to restoring the property back to its original state or 'pre let state', i.e. repairs or reinstating any aesthetic alterations.


Due to the covid-19 pandemic, businesses are rapidly adopting a cultural shift towards home working and casual office working and in some cases a mixture of them both. When your business has to leave its premises, due to lease expiration or voluntary contract termination, it is important to return the office or commercial premises to its original state.  This will help to avoid any additional charges from the landlord. Your landlord will also in most cases require this as part of your contract agreement

When your business moves into an empty office you will normally be provided with new or good condition flooring, ceiling, freshly decorated or good condition walls and the electrical and data setups with will defaulted based on a generic layout.

Often over time tenants will adapt the layout and install de-mountable partitions, glass partitions, change flooring, install tea points and adapt the existing services to suit their business needs. Some even re-design and fit-out the office to reflect their corporate branding.

Office dilapidation removes all of the changes you have made over time, makes good and repairs any damages caused by wear and tear and puts back the office back in to a fresh condition ready for a new tenant, including partition removal and glass partition removal. This could include new carpets, ceiling tiles, decoration or demolition.

What we will do?

- Our estimation department will provide a detailed scope of works to our customers, ensuring all the landlords requirements are met, including provide transparent, fixed, and competitive costs.

-We will provide project management,  taking care and oversee all trades involved in the dilapidation process.

-All our tradesman are multi skilled professionals,  ensuring our workmanship is kept to the highest standard.

- We have years of experience within the office dilapidation, refurbishment and office re-configuration sector.

-We work with both landlords and tenants alike to eliminate additional stress on your business.

-We will certify any electrical, data and plumbing works.

-We will help your business get back on track.

Office dilapidation
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