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Christ Church College Horsham

166 College Road

Christ Church College

''Were looking for a complete office fit out. The location is Tower 42 and our office will be on the 20th floor. Can you help? ''

Facts and figures

Customer: Shoosmith

Area: 3,084 sq ft

Programme: 4 weeks

Completion: 4 weeks

Contract value: £65,000

''An outstanding addition to our prestigious library, transforming the open plan reading areas into private study rooms. The students now have places to work in peace. We never thought it was possible but Premfix made it happen. Their knowledge of glass is truly excellent.''

-Martin Hope- Principle


Christ Church College, based in Horsham, Surrey, called Premfix for their glass partitions division. With little knowledge or scope of works, Premfix were required to design and install 5 private study rooms for students, within the existing library. Due to the building being of listed status, we were required to install our glass with minimal fixing points. Also due to the high library ceiling, the glass had no structural ceiling abutment to fix too. 


Customer requirements

We require 5 private study rooms for our students, including 2 of which are careers rooms. Due to the building being a school the glass must be safety glass, strong but not have many fixing points. We also require a glass door to close of the library from the rest of the school. We also need a frosting design and we want to incorporate some keywords into the frost.


Scope of works

Design & pre-contract planning

Frameless glass partition system

Manifestation designs

Bespoke top hung rail, including welding



Having no ceiling abutment to fix the glass to and with drilling restrictions, making sure the glass was structurally safe was key. Also due to the architectural detail of the columns, accurate CNC

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